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20-10-2021 15:48:05 was originally a regional idea and was supposed to be the regional version of the version which is made by the Dutch goverment. The reason for this was that the official site is not a succes and the distance to far to the customer, and because of that the effectiveness is too low.

On the main site ( you can also find information about every registered taxicompany in The Netherlands. Our database is based on information from official databases and is objective because there are no fees or advertising options for taxicompanies. They are however encouraged to supply us with their information, so that the consumers can benefit from their information about their taxicompany.

Visitors of can also participate at our forum (which will soon be active). And off course there is here also an option to complain via our online complaint form. This form is available in Dutch and English. Other languages will maybe be available in the future (if we can find someone who wants to translate this form and/or our website).

We tried to translate our Dutch site as good as possible for your convenience, but we realize that there will be some mistakes in our translations. Therefore you are invited to help us improving our English section of this website. If you are interested please let us know via our contact form.

We hope you enjoy your visit on!

On our website you can:
  • file a complaint about a taxicompany and/or taxidriver
  • find information about all (registered) taxicompanies in The Netherlands
  • find general information for consumers, taxidrivers and taxicompanies
  • share your taxi-experiences with other visitors on our forum

To keep all the information clearly and easy accessible, we divided them into several sections, which you can access directly if you use one of the following links. You can also use the options in the menu (section General).
    This is the main entrance of our website. In this part you can find the complaint form and the database which contains the information about all (registered) taxicompanies in The Netherlands. You can also go to the other sections via our menu from here.

All information on is gathered/collected from public databases and/or from reactions from customers and/or taxicompanies.

In case you cannot find the data/information you were looking for on, please let us know by using our contact form. We will look if we can help you find the requested information.

The Team of

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