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How to complain

How can I complain and where?

Good reasons to complain about are:
  • If you have the feeling that you paid too much.
  • If you are convinced that the driver did not take the shortest route to your destination
    (a detour without reason)
  • If you are not satisfied about the behaviour and/or the service of the taxidriver.
  • If the ordered taxi did not show at all or (much) too late.
  • If the taxi was very dirty or smelled like.......

If you think that you have a reason to complain, the best thing to do first is to get in contact with the taxi company for which the taxidriver is working. Most taxi companies will take you complaint serious and will do their best to solve your complaint, so they can hope to get you back as a satisfied customer in the future.

Please keep in mind that the person on the phone also is a human being. Shouting and swearing is not the way to make your complaint(s) clear to the other side. Often a good conversation can do miracles, because most taxi companies are happy when they recieve reports (good and bad) from customers. They also don't know what happens in their taxi's...

If complaining to the taxi company does not have the desired result, and you still have the feeling that you were not treated correctly by the taxi company, then it is possible to contact the Dutch taxiklacht phoneline 0900-202 18 81 (13 cent/minute inside Holland). It is also possible to complain via their website (That is NOT this site). They will send your complaint to the taxi company, which must react towards you within 6 weeks.

If you are still not satisfied with the solution offered to you by the taxi company, you may want to handle your complaint as a formal conflict/dispute and send it to the Conflict Resolution Board (in Dutch: Geschillencommissie Taxivervoer). You can find more information on the procedures and conditions on the website of the Board. Because there is no English version we can only link you to te Dutch pages of the SGC. That can take up to several months...

If you use our complain form (here on, your complaint will be looked first by our team. They will look if your complaint is serious (we also receive fake complaints) and if there are still questions left, they will contact you first, to make the complaint better before it is send.

If it is a serious complaint, this team will look what is the best and fastest way to solve it. Therefore it is important that you write down as much information as possible about everything you remember.

Filling in our complaint form is free of any obligation and/or cost. The only thing that we ask is that you are telling/writing the thruth so we don't waste your and our time.

We cannot give you any garantee that your complaint always will be solved to your satisfaction, but we will do our best to reach that goal. We are (the same as the other sites) dependent of the coorporation of the taxi company and or taxidriver involved.

In case the taxi company and/or taxidriver is not willingly helping to solve your complaint there will be a announcement on our website. Furthermore your complaint will be sent to a another place which can try it also. To which Board or commission it will be send depends on the situation...

Therefore it is very important to make a clear and solid complaint by collecting as much data as possible before filling in the complaint form on this website.

A complaint like 'The taxidriver was driving in a dark Mercedes and that is all I know...' has no base to work with, because there are thousands of dark Mercedes taxis in Holland. If you know the name of the company, the driver and or the license plate (if possible with date and time), then it will have a chance to be a succesfull complaint where we can try something.

Another example of a complaint that will never work is 'I had to pay 25,- for a taxi which costs normally only 10,-' (without additional data about the trip itself and/or taxi company), because it is impossible to verify this...

Only send us your complaints if they are serious and if you have something to work with... We will try to help you solving your complaints...

The Team of

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