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Add data as customer

You are customer and you want to add data to our website?

We are happy that you (as taxi customer) want to help us to keep our data/information as actual as possible. It is in everbody's interest if all data is displayed correctly.
What data are we looking for about the several taxi companies?

The general data of all registered taxi companies (like name, address, P-number) we already have in our database. However it is possible that there are changes which are not yet implemented in the databases which we uses as our resources.

But we are mainly looking for the other data, like tariffs, (special) phonenumbers (especially 06/0800/0900/SMS), internet information (email/website/wapsite) and also License plates of taxis you see. We will add all usefull data to our database and place it on (as long as it is not in violation with the Dutch privacy law).

To prevent that people are able to add wrong data and/or recensions about other companies it is not possible to alter data online. The only way to change them is via our online form. All data will be checked before adding them into our database. Therefore it is also necessary to fill in your name and email address and/or telephone number. Reactions without these personal data will not be read/used.

If you have nice pictures about a certain taxi company (taxi, company, driver) we would like to see them at our website. Please ask permission from the owner/driver before making the picture, otherwise it cannot be placed on and that would be a waist of your/our time.

If you (still) have questions, you can always contact us via our contact form.

The Team of

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