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The illegal taxi

There are a lot of illegal taxi's in The Netherlands, which often are called 'black taxi'. This does not mean that they are driving in black cars, but they don't pay tax about their income as 'taxidriver'. Those people don't follow all the laws and/or rules for taxi's so they can transport you cheaper then the official taxi, but this is not the total picture...

The advantage of an illegal taxi is that they (in most cases) are cheaper than a real taxi. But there are also some disadvantages. The biggest problem is that you are NOT INSURED when you drive with an illegal taxi! They often drive older (cheap) cars which are not maintained properly. So if they have technical problems the service stops at that point. In case of an accident you are not insured, so if you don't have a very good insurance yourself, you have a real problem (hospitals are very expensive), because you can not claim that with the 'illegal taxidriver'. Furthermore the risk for criminal drivers is a lot bigger and in those cases you are on your own...

Most (official) taxidrivers are very negative about illegal taxi's, because it cost them money. And they are correct, because if there were no illegal taxi's the official taxi's would have more work. Other taxidrivers say that they rather see that drunk people take an illegal taxi then driving themselves, but that is just an opinion of the minority.

We cannot tell you what to do, but we strongly recommend to always use a legal taxi. You pay a little more, but you are always insured when something happens with the taxi and/or you (accident). Furthermore you always get the quarantee that they will bring you to your destination, because they can arrange another taxi which can bring you (in case of technical problems). You pay a taxi to bring you safely to the desired destionation and that is something an illegal taxi never can do...

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