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The official taxi

If you are looking for a taxi in The Netherlands, there are several ways to find one:
  • You can search on the Internet (for example on this website).
  • You can call a taxicompany (or let somebody call for you).
  • You can walk to a taxistop (most of them are nearby railway-stations and busstops).
    Important: You do NOT have to take the first taxi in line!
  • You can stop one on the street.
    Please keep in mind that a taxidriver is not allowed to stop everywhere (for safety reasons).

How to recognize an official Dutch taxi?

In case that you did not call a taxicompany, and you don't want to end up in an illegal taxi, there are a few ways to recognize an official taxi in The Netherlands.
Here are some tips how to recognize a 'real taxi':
  • Every offical taxi have BLUE LICENSE PLATES with black characters.
    (Examples of such license plates you can find on this website)
  • In most cases a taxi also have a taxi-sign on top of the taxi. If the light is on, it means that the taxi has no passengers, but it possible that it is driving to the next customer (reserved).
    It is NOT a rule, so it is possible that you see a taxi without a TAXI-sign. If it has blue license plates (and the other papers mentioned), then it is still an official taxi.
  • Every taxi must have a blue taxi-license with the name of the taxi-company and a registration number on it (P.....).
  • Every taxi also must have a paper which contains there tariffs (most times yellow/green/white).
    They are called "Tariefkaart" and looks like the ones on this website. Other variations are possible, but they must contain the name of the company, there P-number and their prices/tariffs.
  • The taxidriver has a card which his/her picture and name which is visible in the taxi.
    If you don't see this card (which is called 'chauffeurspas' in Dutch), you can ask for it to show. Every taxidriver MUST have that card and show it when you ask for it!

It is possible that you see a vertical blue 'TX' sticker on a taxi. This means that they comply to the standards of the TX-foundation, which is trying to help the (international) customer to recognize a good taxi. This sticker is NOT something every taxi must have, but it only means that the taxi is certified by this foundation and that you have a real taxi which should give you good service/quality.

It does not mean that a taxi without that sticker is not good or gives less quality! A lot of taxicompanies have chosen not to apply for this certification, because it is expensive and only a paper-certification. It does not say anything about the taxidrivers quality and/or service in the taxi.

Every taxi must follow the Dutch laws and rules before they can get a taxi license. If a taxi has such license (and blue license plates) it shows that a certain level of quality and service is garanteed. For you it is just an extra sign that you are dealing with an official taxi.

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