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The Taxidriver

The taxidriver is the business card of the taxicompany (it should be anyway). In the past taxidrivers were mainly male drivers, but nowadays you see more and more female taxidrivers. In the 'dark hours' (evening/night) however it is still mainly done by male taxidrivers. This is because the violence has decreased over the years and therefore taxicompanies decides to use the female taxidrivers mainly in the daytime.

In the past a Dutch taxidriver was always recognised because they had always a suit of the company which was easy to recognise. Nowadays you see a lot of taxidrivers in 'free-time' clothes (like jeans and a leather coat). This is because there are no rules and/or laws which says what a taxidriver should wear at his/her work. There are also taxicompanies which uses this type of clothing on purpose, to seperate them from the other taxicompanies and/or to give another look/image to their company.

The same is valid for the taxi itself. Before Mercedes-Benz was the most popular taxibrand. Since 1960 MB had 60% of the taxi-market, but in 2002 it was reduced to 30%. At this time you will see a lot of other European cars like Volkswagen, Audi and Opel used as taxi. The non-European cars, like Toyota for example, are also more and more popular cars in the taxiworld. Since Januar 2000 there is also a real original London cab (LTI) driving in Amsterdam. Don't worry... it is the export-version with the stearing on the left side (which is standard in Europe except for England).

If you want to become a taxidriver yourself in The Netherlands, then you can find a lot of information in the Dutch section of our website. This is done on purpose, because a Dutch taxidriver needs to understand, speak, read and write good enough in the Dutch language to work in a taxi. Therefore the exams for the taxi-card (in Dutch: Chauffeurspas) are also in Dutch, so if you cannot understand the Dutch information on this website, you are not ready for your exams... :-)

If you are not interested in becoming a taxidriver in The Netherlands, the other information in this section is not interesting for you, because it contains specific information for (new) taxidrivers.

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