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FAQ Consumer

Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ the most questions are mentioned below with an answer.
If your question is not here, please ask your question via our contactform.

Why are there so many differences in taxifares?
There are maximum fares but no minumum. This means that every taxi company can determine which tariff they will use, as long as it not exceeds the legal maximum fareprice. If you look good, it can save you a lot of Euro's depending on the distance...

How is the taxiprice calculated? Can I do that myself too?
The price of a taxi is normally calulated by 3 factors: the start tariff, the distance and the time that the taxi must stand still/wait during the trip.
If you know the distance, you can calculate what the maximum amount of the trip is (approximately off course). Use the maxima tariffs, because that is the amount that not may be exceeded. Prices may very because of external factors like traffic james, bad weather, detours (mentioned on the road en not because the driver wants to drive a touristic way).

What are the maximum tariffs (which I must use for my calculation)?
The maximum tariffs for every Dutch taxi (which are the same since 1-1-2003) are as follows:

Maximum tarifsStarttariffKM-priceWaiting time per hour
Taxi 1-4 person(s) 5,12 1,94 32,87
Taxi(bus) 5 or more persons 8,33 2,23 32,87

Hint: A taxi company is allowed to exceed these limits under certain circumstances, as long as the total fare not exceeds the sum of the above maximum tariffs mentioned.

The taxidriver is not using the taximeter. Is that allowed?
In certain situations it is allowed, but in most cases the taximeter should be used (also in case of a fixed price). Most taximeters will show the fixed price or a few nulls (the so called NUL-tariff). If you have any doubts, please ask the taxidriver to activate the taximeter.

The taxidriver directs me to another taxi. Do I have to taxi that taxi?
NO! You can choose yourself which taxi you want to use.

But why is the taxidriver directing me to the other taxi?
In a lot of places they use the FIFO-system (First In - First Out). If the customer just wants a taxi (without a preference), that system is followed and they will direct you to the first taxi. If you want to choose a taxi yourself (for whatever reason), just let them know you want to choose yourself and go with the taxi of your choice.
It is the customer who pays, so the customer is allowed to choose...

The taxidriver is refusing to bring me to my destination. Do I have to accept this?
NO! First ask why he/she does not want to drive you. Furthermore ask for a businesscard of the taxi company. Write down the license plate and/or car number and complain with the taxi company. Please keep in mind that a taxidriver IS allowed to refuse, but only when he/she has a very good reason.

Short trips (trips below 5 km) are often the reason for such a refusal by some taxidrivers. They will give you excuses like 'Sorry, this taxi is reserved, I have my lunchbreak now, I only drive outside the city, I am not from here, and so on). This is not how it should be! Unfortunately the customers are not complaining to the taxi company but just accepting their situation. And that is the reason that they can do that every time, because the taxi company does not hear what their taxidrivers are doing. If everybody would complain, this would surely help to improve the quality of the taxiworld.

Fortunately most taxidrivers and/or taxi companies will always accept you (even for short trips), unless they have a real good reason to refuse you. In those cases the reason is valid (even when it sounds the same as from the bad taxidrivers)...

TIP: If you are satisfied by the service of your taxidriver, always ask a business card for the future and recommend this to your friends. If you live in that town, think about becoming a regular customer with that taxi company and/or taxidriver.

I took the first taxi in line and at the end of the trip it is (much) more expensive than what I normally pay. Do I have to accept this>
NO! If you think that the price is more than legally is allowed (see maximum tariffs) you are allowed to refuse to pay. The taxidriver has no choice than to call the police, because you are in violation of the law. If the taxidriver refuses to call the police and/or wants to collects his/her money in another way, just pay the amount but AFTER you received a good receipt!

TIP: Check if all the necessary data is on your receipt!
Look for company name, license plate and/or taxi number and/or the name of the taxidriver is mentioned on your receipt. The most important thing to check/write down is the P-number (registration number of the taxi company). With that number the taxi company can always be found in our database. That number is always important if you want to file a complaint or talk to the police about it.

I did not receive a receipt after payment. Is it still possible to complain?
It is always possible to complain, but it will be a lot more difficult to prove it. The more data you have about the trip, the taxidriver and/or the taxi company, the better it is. That is why it is so important to get a receipt, because all the necessary information is mentioned in most cases. That receipt and a description of the taxidriver is in most cases enough to find the taxidriver and solve your problem. Especially with big taxi companies it is important to have a receipt, because otherwise it is almost impossible to find the taxidriver which you want to complain about...

I did not ask for a receipt, but now I know that I paid to much the last time. What can I still do?
I am sorry to tell you that this will be very difficult, unless you know exactly all specifics about your last trip. The only thing you can try is calling the taxi company (if you know which company it was) and file a complaint. If it is a good taxi company they will take your complaint seriously and try to solve your complaint. Otherwise it is a lesson for next time....

TIP: If you are satisfied about the service and/or quality about a taxi company and/or taxidriver, always ask for a business card, so you can call them again next time you need a taxi. This assures you of the same good service next time!

(End of this FAQ)

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