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The information on is collected from a lot of websites of several institutes and/or organisations. Most of those websites are in Dutch and don't have an English section. Other websites have an English section (and in one case also a German section), but they are totally different from the Dutch version.

The forums mentioned in the Dutch list are mostly in Dutch, but (in most cases) you can set the system messages in English when you register. On our forum the standard is also Dutch, but you are welcome to register and write your messages in English.

Here is the list of links of websites with an English section. All links open in a new window.

Consumer information
  • IVW Consumers (IVW=The Transport and Water Management Inspectorate)
  • MVW Consumers (MVW=The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management)

Business information

Taxidriver information

Others - Humor

Others - Internet

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